Flowers by the River (Prints)


Flowers by the River (Prints)


Flowers by the River

(Photography Print Options)
I use a high quality professional printing company for all of my images. Canvas, Metal, and Gift items are available description is below.

Please allow up to a week for the printing company I use to process and ship your order to me for inspection.. Then I will ship it out to you. Any problems with your order please get in touch with me and I will do my best to resolve it.
Thank you!!

All photography is taken with a very high resolution camera with extremely high clarity and crispness. The files are very large, some up to 45mb and higher. This ensures that you will receive a very detailed and vibrant photo!

All print choices are produced with the highest quality and care available today.

~ Individual Prints are shipped prints only.. (If you would like framing options as there are too many to list here, please get in touch with me and I will give you the options my printing company offers)

~ Canvas Gallery Wraps – Wrapped on a 1 1/2in stretched frame with hanging hardware included of your choice. (Sawtooth or Wire)

~ Metal prints- Image is printed on a sheet of aluminum in the highest quality.

~Acrylic Prints – Image is printed on a sheet of aluminum and coated with a 1/4in thick face of Acrylic.

*Metal and Acrylic both come with a back mount for hanging which will be offset from the wall.

Thank you for shopping my gallery!



Additional information

Print Options

8×12" Glossy Print $22.00, 11×17" Lustre Print $32.00, 11×17" Glossy Print $32.00, 12×18" Lustre Print $42.00, 12×18" Glossy Print $42.00, 16×24" Lustre Print $52.00, 16×24" Glossy Print $52.00, 20×30" Lustre Print $78.00, 20×30" Glossy Print $78.00, 24×36" Lustre Print $100.00, 24×36" Glossy Print $100.00, 30×45" Lustre Print $130.00, 30×45" Glossy Print $130.00, 40×60" Lustre Print $185.00, 40×60" Glossy Print $185.00, 8×12" Metal Print $60.00, 10×15" Metal Print $75.00, 11×17" Metal Print $90.00, 12×18" Metal Print $125.00, 16×24" Metal Print $145.00, 20×30" Metal Print $220.00, 24×36" Metal Print $340.00, 30×45" Metal Print $420.00, 40×60" Metal Print $620.00, 11×17" Wrapped Canvas $150.00, 12×18" Wrapped Canvas $160.00, 16×24" Wrapped Canvas $180.00, 20×30" Wrapped Canvas $275.00, 24×36" Wrapped Canvas $315.00, 30×45" Wrapped Canvas $500.00, 40×60" Wrapped Canvas $620.00, 1/4in Acrylic Faced 11×17" Metal Print $180.00, 1/4in Acrylic Faced 12×18" Metal Print $190.00, 1/4in Acrylic Faced 16×24" Metal Print $285.00, 1/4in Faced Acrylic 20×30" Metal Print $450.00, 1/4in Acrylic Faced 24×36" Metal Print $600.00


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